Sette is a unisex jewellery brand combining rebellious spirit and timeless sophistication.

Collections are characterised by bold designs, sharp edges and darker accents, to create a fusion of masculine and feminine styles.

At our core, we are dedicated to fostering a space that celebrates authenticity, where being comfortable in one's own skin is encouraged. However you style it, our jewellery is crafted to become your personal armour. Let's inspire one another to embrace the comfort of our own skin and celebrate individuality together.

Our vision for Sette is to create cool, timeless pieces that become wardrobe staples.

"In a world with so much choice, I started the brand by creating a few low key pieces that I never wanted to take off, and these evolved into ring 03, ring 01 and earring 01"

We believe that jewellery is an extension of the self, and its meaning is personal to each individual.

"I think we have all struggled in some way or other with our self-image or our perception of who we are. Jewellery to me has always been a form of self-expression...putting it on always makes me feel more like 'me'. My hope for this brand is that it can help people to feel comfortable in the skin that they are in, and say f*ck it to the societal norms".

for the planet

for the planet

At Sette we like the idea that not everyone has the same. We mostly work on a small batch production basis - what is good for the planet is also good for you.

Pre-orders will be available to reserve stock, and then a small drop will be released, and will not be re-stocked. This process allows us to reduce waste and gives customers the chance to own a limited run piece.

All of our silver and gold vermeil pieces are currently made from 100% recycled metals.

lets be kind

lets be kind

Giving back to people who need it most was one of the building blocks of Sette. We give 5% of every sale to a small, ground roots charity in Bali, who are helping people in remote areas with food essentials, getting children into schooling and building homes.

"It is so important to be kind to each other, we are all human".